At Larsen Farms, we set higher standards for quality—our goal is to always package one grade better than U.S. #1. Potatoes that don't meet-and exceed-these exacting standards, but are still worthy of the American table, are packed as #2s. Our potatoes set the standard for visual appeal as well as taste with a consistently high solids content.


Larsen Farms has over 70 climate-controlled potato storage cellars in both Idaho and Colorado, some among the largest in the world. At twice the size of a football field, some of our largest cellars can hold 30 million pounds of potatoes. With this level of capacity, we can easily provide a steady supply of fresh potatoes year-round. Our commitment to quality-controlled storage environments, with the proper temperature, humidity, and airflow, ensures that you receive the highest quality of Burbanks and Norkotahs in the land.


Our electronic bagging machines utilize the most advanced technologies to ensure each bag is gently filled with the correct amount of potatoes. We've spent considerable energy determining what sizes and styles of packaging best meet the needs of both retailers and consumers, and what packaging material best protects our potatoes. We continually research innovations in the packaging industry and incorporate the ones that increase the quality and convenience of our potatoes while keeping costs low.

Private Labeling

We've designed our packaging process to be flexible so we can pack to your specific needs. We are happy to pack with the Larsen Farms label or under your own private label, and we'll provide any type or size of bag you request. Just tell us what you need!

Safety & Handling

Food safety is a priority for us. We welcome all inspections and audits of our facility. The more we are inspected, the more people will know how high our standards are—and the higher our standards for quality, safety, and handling will become.

  • We have "superior" and "excellent" ratings from Primus and AIB
  • We are committed to cleanliness and in-house inspection
  • We regularly analyze Hazardous Critical Control Points (HCCPs)
  • We adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

We are here to ensure that you receive clean, fresh, undamaged potatoes from Larsen Farms.

Quality Control

At Larsen Farms, we check and recheck our potatoes from planting to shipping to bring you the best quality and flavor possible.

During and after harvest, our Raw Product Coordinator (RPC) takes charge. His sole responsibility is to ensure that we are following the best practices in harvesting and storage—every single day. Our RPC monitors the crops during harvest and storage.

We are proud to have a Quality Control (QC) Program headed by a seasoned professional. Our full-time QC director ensures that our packing plant is clean and efficient, and he leads our team in checking potatoes at various points throughout each facility to ensure you receive only the cream of our crop.

If a quality issue were to arise at your end, our QC Director would be quick on the phone to analyze and solve your problem. If necessary, he would go so far as to fly to your warehouse to make sure that any quality problem does not arise again.